Current Issue

‘Hiraeth’ is a Welsh word that means ‘a deep, wistful, nostalgic sense of longing for home – a home that is no longer or perhaps never was, a yearning and grief for people and things long gone.’ On the last day of September, as summer draws to a close, Jabberwock Online returns with its September issue, titled “Hiraeth”!


Hiraeth by Priya Saraff

Non – Fiction

Home by Ishani Pant

Specialis Revelio by Tanvi Chowdhary

Suitcase Floating Over the Railing by Priya Tripathy

The Story of an Emotion by Madhuboni Bhattacharya

To Nanu, from Rooh by Aarooshi Garg


Foreign by Pragati Sharma

Homespun by Avani Solanki

S-87 by Sidika Sehgal

Truancy by Stuti Pachisia


Visual Art

Hiraeth by Ishani Pant and Mahima Kedia


Featured Image by Chetanya Godara

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