Current Issue

It seems as though the past few months have lined themselves up in a row of intermittent wake-up calls. Every headline is a reminder of the fact that as educated students, it’s important we question, investigate, protest and empathise.

Once again, it’s that time of the year when we become participants of an applause that concerns no critique. But perhaps now, it’s time to revisit the era of Gandhi, to see beyond what we are being shown, to put away our rose-coloured glasses and read between the lines of what’s happening in our Nation.

Jabberwock Online, presents: The Isms of Freedom.


What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Freedom? by Shanna Jain

A Big Blue Paper Boat by Tinka Dubey

Freedom, Cut Me Loose by Pallavi Baraya

The Jungle of Freedom by Zoya Bhargava


My Search for Gandhism by Pakhi Pande

Unknown to His Own by Athira Raj


Break Free by Aaheli Jana

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