Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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On most days, Sukriti chooses to wade in the figurative pool of fiction. On exceptionally good days, she will be outside in the real world – adventuring in her own little ways; and here, you will find the words of her wandering heart.

Columnist: Sukriti
Updated monthly
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Colours off my Canvas

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There is much in art that is not just to see, but to read and write about as well. Of the two, the former I have always done and the latter I do here. It is not just of paints and strokes, for as James Turrell says, “Art history is littered with work that involves light.

Columnist: Eshna
Updated monthly
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From the Archives of an Overwhelmed Procrastinator 

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I am an underwhelmed newly turned adult and an overwhelmed 1st year student with an ever increasing list of “to read”. These days I am to be seen trying to find balance between my will to write, desire to sound sensible and need to read as tragedies, comedies and epic similes inflict rather heavy literary wounds upon my fantasy fiction deprived heart.

Columnist: Ananya
Updated monthly
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Mistress of Spices

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The writer spends her leisure hours ogling plates of chilli potatoes and dreams of pronouncing ‘worchestershire’ without causing national embarrassment.

Columnist: Visakha
Updated monthly
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Yours Truly is an ambitious young adult who writes about the only thing they are accomplished in: eating.

Columnist: Devika
Updated monthly
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Vagabonding ft. Chaiedit2

Ramblings from the life of an insomniac Lit major living by Stevenson’s aphorism: “The great affair is to move”, and trying to make sense of life and its squiggles.

Columnist: Deyasini
Updated monthly
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A Cup of Ttanviedit

‘T’ as in me, ‘Cup’ as in tea, ‘Of’ as in preposition and ‘A’ as in article. Bringing you thoughtful rants on TV, books, society and various other things induced by too many cups of ice tea.

Columnist: Tanvi
Updated every fortnight
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