Colours Off My Canvas

Columnist: Eshna Gupta
Bio: There is much in art that is not just to see, but to read and write about as well. Of the two, the former Eshna has always done and the latter she does here. It is not just of paints and strokes, for as James Turrell says, “Art history is littered with work that involves light.

(Editor: Shriya Kotta)

First Issue: Stare of the Muse

Second Issue: Mirrors: Reflection and Realism (Part I)

Third Issue: Mirrors: Meet Yourself and Reflect (Part II)

Fourth Issue: In a World of Their Own

Fifth Issue: The Gaze on Women

Sixth Issue: What’s Art Around You?

Seventh Issue: An Anthology of my Personal Literatures: and an Addition

Eighth Issue: Warring Actors, Warring Art

Painting by Jan Van Eyck

Image Edited by Chetanya Godara

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