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by Arisha Yaqoob, English 3B

The Wanderlust Comic Competition Winner!

comic winner jw

WINNER: Vrinda Bhatia, English-1B

SCRIPT: The Universe in You

  1. Son, don’t you spend too much time on your computer these days? Go get some fresh air.
  2. Hmph, the air inside my room is stale. It’s just… These days… Dad, I’m frustrated.
  3. Hi frustrated, I’m dad. (grins) Do you want to talk about it here or somewhere else?
  4. Let’s go for camping tonight. I’m so done with school, sadly the school isn’t done yet.
  5. …and so I lost that competition and it’s this rat race that I can’t escape from.
  6. These kids… they don’t realise how small a part of the universe they are.
  7. Dad, how does nature’s beauty solve every problem?

Note: Each line corresponds to one of seven speech bubbles.