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In addition to the Online Magazine, we annually publish Jabberwock, a journal of academic writing (this year, the journal shall also publish a small selection of creative work). This journal features research papers and essays on a range of topics, primarily within the domain of literary studies (although we remain open to research work from allied fields and from interdisciplinary perspectives).


Jabberwock presents,


A paper presentation on the theme of


Uncle Ben in Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” What is this power and what is the responsibility that comes with it? Power does not have one meaning and one connotation. It is this multiplicity of meanings that drew us to this theme and we are eager to learn how others interpret Power.
The concept note for the is available here!
Students from all departments are welcome to submit abstracts.

Submission Guidelines:

1. All submissions to be mailed to
2. The document should be named in the format ‘_Name_Abstract‘.
3. All abstracts must be written within 350 words.
4. The deadline for the submission of the abstract is now 11.59pm, 20th September 2018.
5. All work submitted should be original. Plagiarism will not be entertained.

In case of queries or feedback, contact us at or on our Facebook page. We maintain a mailing list to update our readers on events and calls for submissions, do consider signing up for the same.

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