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In addition to the Online Magazine, we annually publish Jabberwock, a journal of academic writing (this year, the journal shall also publish a small selection of creative work). This journal features research papers and essays on a range of topics, primarily within the domain of literary studies (although we remain open to research work from allied fields and from interdisciplinary perspectives).

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Jabberwock is all set for its release! The 2018 issue will be available from April 25, 2018.

This year, Jabberwock has a variety of papers that deal with topics ranging from a comparison of Paradise Lost to Breaking Bad, an analysis of gendered violence in Pinjar by Amrita Pritam, and a deconstruction of the fairy tale myth. Readers of the journal may also find themselves learning about the politics of chocolate consumption in the eighteenth century, and thinking about Doraemon in a way they never have before. From fanfiction, to TV shows, to graphic novels – we’ve analysed it all. This year’s journal also has a section based on the theme of ‘Silence’, which features creative writing along with research that explores nuances of silences seen within vocabularies, writing, communities, homes, and even the TV we watched as children. Jabberwock 2018 offers poetry and opinion pieces, research and personal experiences—often in the same sentence.

We have a very limited print run, and therefore our print journal is available only to students and faculty of the Department of English, LSR. However, our e-copy is freely available. Please subscribe here!

In case of queries or feedback, contact us at or on our Facebook page. We maintain a mailing list to update our readers on events and calls for submissions, do consider signing up for the same.

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