The Yellow Brick Road

We didn’t use to care so much,
Well, we did –
It was just about different things,
About stars
About the wind
About futures
About breath
About touch.

Somewhere along the line, Srishti
Somewhere along the road
Things became coloured
We became pieces in a never ending sky, Srishti
We became unstable and uncontrollable
Screaming, for a thousand years
About the words
About the numbers
Always, always, always, ignoring,
The hands behind the carefully written notes.

It was a fight, Srishti,
A war
With intermittent battles,
To get our numbers up,
To win, always,
To be popular,
To be the generals
Of scattered armies in a world
Where stars are the only ones looking for guidance,
Where the universe itself is smoky
And the moon and the rivers are dying.

And we
We looked for the yellow in the road
We needed the best
The biggest numbers
We needed the God that had destroyed the universe
We needed heaven when earth fell apart
When schools end
Colleges start
And when planets die
Souls are lost in quiet sighs.

Srishti, it was the dream
Heaven’s touch
Achieved in numbers
The constant yellow of the brick road
A golden opportunity
And as we stopped caring
About stars,
The wind,
And touch.

We achieved God
The only problem, Srishti,
Was that we forgot earth,
Just as much as God forgot about us.

Written by Tanvi Chowdhary

Featured image by Stuti Pachisia


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