As blinding bright rays stream through the dark night,
and a tiny twittering bird ascends for its first flight;
As busy steps dash quickly across the white bricks
and the gurgling water pipe starts to impatiently tick,

She opens her eyes.

She opens her eyes into a world of five and fifty,
Yet those hazy brown eyes envelop not age
But vivid hues of life,
Reds, greens, yellows and sometimes
even shades of blue.

As the fawn fabric she wears whispers carefully over the marble white,
Three hearts, no four, um… five
Slumber away peacefully, knowing everything’s all right,
And even if it may not, she will save the day,

In her other castle she slays,
always with a book in hand,
and a red that doesn’t attack, but corrects,
reforms and ultimately transforms.
A maestro of words with the most eloquence that there can be,
Her voice commands, it teaches, it heals.
You can get a thousand testimonies
And they will all state the same.

In so many ways I see how much I have of you in me
How traits, how speech, how tastes,
transpose and nestle, constantly from you to me,
When the new me resembles the old you,
When the old me gets renewed by the new you.
Like the ocean waves that leave the shore unwrinkled,
Always leaving glistening shells behind,
You leave your most precious impressions on me
that in turn
will be my footprints.

Today… Someday… maybe Always.

Saumia Bhatnagar
English- 3A


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