Unfailingly, always…


There is something that each of us has buried deep down

Something that we wouldn’t want to let go

For me it is my journal

The treasurer of my emotions, the keeper of my secrets

It has stood by me during the toughest of tides

Incessantly providing unsaid reassurance

Images of clearer waters of futurity

And swallowing the past mysteries

As I sit down to express myself therein

Its blankness stares at me at times

Waiting anxiously to be written in me, by me

The pen makes pensive sounds on paper

With strokes, callous yet searing

Seething out truths yet lived and unlived

A life that I have only imagined; my unlit lies

And my fears as deep as the ocean

And I lose myself in the placating blue of the ink

The parchment bears testimony to the rise and fall of my psyche

But sits resolutely on my desk bearing it all

And a sealed promise to be my solace forever

But does ‘forever’ exist? That time shall tell

As of now the diary that holds me captive is my sense of “always”

Brimming with some more bubbles of my life history

Until death makes us part ways…

Even then it shall be transmuted into my memoir

For a piece of art can never die, a thing of beauty is a joy forever

And it encapsulates my persona as if it were but a river.

Immersed rather drowned I am yet it holds me still

And we shall complete each other for as long as we will.


Sanjhee Gianchandani

Final Year Graduate

M.A English

Lady Shri Ram College For Women

University of Delhi


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