Gravity of Love

The Moon loved the Ocean so; he came to her every nightfall, like a lover to his mistress, and thus they fall hopelessly into each other’s gravity. She rises with delight at her lover’s sight, glimmering like broken pieces of glass even in the dark. Miles apart they may be and never the twain shall meet, yet this amorous tale of eternal love has shamed all togetherness with such passionate gravity that distance cannot part.


The soil was drenched in blood, yet the Nazi’s thirst for more could not be quenched. Years rolled on and it felt as though the dark uniformed men have locked away their hearts within the ribs of iron. Nothing would move them, neither the sight of torn hearts, nor of torn flesh!

Yet, one caged heart in particular was effortlessly unlocked, when his eyes met hers.

Halfway through the World War II, the Nazis began sending the Jews to prison camps. Benjamin was a young Nazi soldier whose youthful eyes had seen much horrors of the war. The war had sucked all emotions of love out from his soul. But love, I dare say, can be found in the strangest of places, between the strangest of people in even stranger circumstances. However, who would have thought of it in the midst of the proceedings of the deadly concentration camps! She was a young Jewish prisoner who had lost all her dear ones to the prevailing hatred amongst mankind. The evil of the world unfolds in front of her eyes, awakening her of the Jewish people’s doomed fate, as they are paraded through the camps to be tortured to death.

From the very moment he saw her, he was drawn into her gravity. It was a cold October morning and she had, except a light summer frock, only a thin shawl thrown across her bare skin to keep herself from the piercing gusts of the wild wind. However, he only had to look into the depth of her soul, and see his own self being reflected thus. There he rushed, into his cabin, and brought back his warm coat and gently wrapped it around her. Yet, how could he forget that he was an enemy? Loving her meant embracing death, but who would tell that to his unthinking heart? She was afraid of him, he could see that terrified emotion being mirrored in her eyes. How could he ever explain to her that he wished to be her savior but was held in disguise of a sinner instead! She would detest him for his hands were ornamented with the blood of her own people.

They fell in love and as time passed their conscience grew and so did the gravity of passion. They cannot be together, yet they cannot stay apart.

“I will come back for you”, he whispered softly in her ear one starry night. “I shall wait,” she said, smiling. That night he bade her goodbye, for duty to his country called him overseas. They had been far, but not once did his heart left her memories vacant. Her essence lingered on for the rest of his calling. After the war was over, he was sent back to his land, where he discovered that the Jews were emancipated from the clutches of bondage. That news came to him as a bitter-sweet reality. His longing eyes searched all around for her, but alas, all in vain! He knew not where she went, he knew not how either!

The stilly night was falling, slowly creeping over the golden sands of the shore, where he laid with his hands behind his head. All past hopes laid behind, giving way to the cynical possibilities. Maybe she was taken far away, maybe she has moved on, maybe she had fallen ill and… But whence upon the moon he looked, his lost hopes were enlightened once again. He hoped against all hopes that somehow gravity will find its way back and they shall meet again, like the moon and the ocean.

And when they shall indeed meet, all the universe’s gravity will be faded into forgetfulness. Their gravity will shame the Moon’s and the Ocean’s as they will then appear but feeble in front of the gravity between a Nazi soldier and a young Jewish maid.

-Kanika Tripathi 
1st year English,
Amity University


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