Always, a wildflower.

Zoya Art

The idea of a ‘forever and always’ has had our senses encompassed, since the beginning of time; and more often than not, we tend to give into the need of being accepted by the people around us, being aware of its adverse effects.

The funny thing is, the person, who’d probably have hurt us the most, even if they call us at 3 in the morning, we’d be there. If they’re stuck in a town, 200 miles from wherever it is that we are, we’d get ourselves there to help them out with whatever resources we’d have at our disposal. But yet, we fail to do the same for our own selves. If those people are like the grey skies in our lives, we’ll always, no matter what, try to be the sunshine in their lives.

The problem is, this world forgets to give us a lesson on self-love. It tells us that it’s selfish to prioritize ourselves, and that we can’t be greedy when it comes to loving our own bodies, souls and minds. Nobody tells us that sometimes, it is okay to go about pampering our own selves without anybody else doing things for us. It’s ironic how the world teaches us to fearlessly give all of ourselves away to other people, but condemns us, from doing the littlest of favours, for ourselves. The idea is to unapologetically and unabashedly be in love, with ourselves; it is to value our judgement, intellect and respect our own spirit.

The truth is, we can only have an ‘Always’, with our very own self. Loneliness scares us, because we feel uncomfortable about the idea of being on our own. But then again, why do we need another person to make ourselves feel complete and to validate our existence into this world? We were born complete, in our very own skin; and the very atoms it has started to cater to, leaks with the satisfaction of growing into love, first, with ourselves, then with others. We tend to learn this lesson the hard way. The idea is to evolve as we are, with or without anybody supporting us.

The most important thing is to know if we can be there for ourselves in the time of need. Whatever the world puts up for us, is more or less a façade, and like E.V. Rogina says, “never apologize for having been born a wildflower” even if the world fails to acknowledge that about you.

-Zoya Singh
English 2A


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