The Eternal Forager

To an unfathomed world like a butterfly breaks the cocoon,
To unknown places, my vagabond heart want to croon.
Places, where getting lost is a journey of discovery & maturity,
Places, which are not dimmed but lit up with obscurity.
You speak through your soul & hear through your eyes in places so imperial,
Places, which speak to you in a language so ethereal!
Places, where you can experience the stillness of a meandering river,
Even as the dynamism of a magnificently motionless mountain makes you shiver!
Places, where one feels tranquil in the hubbab of buzz, booms & bellows,
In the ataraxy of which, the sweetest melodies can be heard,  one knows!
To paint the virgin canvas of the cosmos, I yearn,
About the hitherto unseen places, I wish to learn.
How I lust to wander in such places!
How I lust to feel such embraces!
Places where you aren’t solitary even when alone,
Isn’t that what is called a home?! 

-Kanchana Ramanujam
Panaji, Goa


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