So will you?

When the mind ceases to remain still,

call it anxiety, restlessness, if you will.

It ventures to terrains unknown, boundaries that are yet to be explored.

The heart that traverses spaces, but in dreams,

the inscape which broadens and gleams

So, will you keep it boxed or let it afloat?

Rising up and down like waves of the mighty ocean

Drops composed of thoughts, waves of emotion

Yearning to venture all by itself

So, will you arrest it or let it soar?

To enchanted lands with winds unknown

The mind that craves for travel,

contains numerous mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Maps provide the aperture for probing

Eyes transform into windows to conceive

Reality intertwined with imagination

And Fact convoluted with fiction

So, will you cork it or let it pour?

This urge to go out there and see

Observe, absorb, gaze and swallow

Uncharted territories beckon

Faraway lands plead,

So, will you circumscribe or let it expand?

Do something that your future self would be thankful for

Wander to whichever place life takes you

Lose yourself in the ebb and flow

Find yourself there too!

So, will you let your consciousness erupt or bottle it up?

Saunter like a meandering brook

Outline your peregrination

Be a vagabond through the arts

A soulful melody, a book that does the therapy or

a painting that speaks of rambling longitudes

So, will you button up or start the navigation?

-Sanjhee Gianchandani

M.A ( English) Final year


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