It’s the middle of January – the days are shorter, the nights are colder and the afternoons are surprisingly sunny and cosy. We’re always looking for something warm to drink and trying to curl up in a spot of sunlight that feels just the right kind of warm on our backs. Jabberwock Online returns for the semester with the ‘Sweater Weather‘ Issue – a collection of poetry, prose and artwork that will give you all the winter feels! Access it through the Current Issue tab!


October 3rd is actually celebrated as ‘Mean Girls Day’ across the world now. Thirteen years after the film made its way to theatres, it still remains as relevant as it was in 2004. Bullying, accents, tiffin boxes, the clothes we wear, the way we speak, the people we talk to still hugely determine the places we fit into in institutions, academic or otherwise. Jabberwock Online returns with its October issue “Mean Girls” – a collection of very different interpretations of this one, iconic phrase. Access it through the Current Issue Tab!

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‘Hiraeth’ is a Welsh word that means ‘a deep, wistful, nostalgic sense of longing for home – a home that is no longer or perhaps never was, a yearning and grief for people and things long gone.’ On the last day of September, as summer draws to a close, Jabberwock Online returns with its September issue, titled “Hiraeth.” Access it through the Current Issue Tab!



Jabberwock returns for the current academic year with a surprise issue for our first years –  a compilation of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and visual art submissions from second and third years themed ‘The Art(s) of Getting By.’ Access it through the Current Issue tab!


The very last Morsel!


In the final Morsel of the year, Devika leaves us with the lingering sweetness of chocolate in our mouths through this comprehensive, fascinating analysis of chocolate as a marker of socio-politico-economic relations in eighteenth century England. Enjoy!

This year’s last Cup of T!


Tanvi analyses the ‘story’ – the latest trend to take over social media – and recognises in this the millennial’s tool of self-fashioning.

“We pose for the invisible camera that is our movie, and with the right filter it starts to look more and more like the epiphanic moment of romantic revelation coming closer… ”

Jabberwock Online presents to you our March issue, ‘Spring’!

Option 7

Access the best of fiction and poetry submitted to us this month through the Current Issue tab!

The Vagabond returns, with chai!


Deyasini, of Vagabonding ft. Chai, writes lyrically of her lived experience of the city of Calcutta, that never somehow translated as the shohor of Kolkata for her.

“To her lovers, Calcutta’s cacophony is music. Hot debates over steaming cha-shingara is an orchestra. The dull hum that sets in every night, as the brown oil-soaked paper covering the egg-chicken rolls sticks to the plates, is a lullaby.”

Morsel returns – have a bite!


Devika literalises the melting pot metaphor in a fascinating analysis of the spaces food inhabits and the fissures it illuminates in Kiran Desai’s “The Inheritance of Loss”.

“Our food obviously embodies this tumultuous state of our identities while reflecting the metaphorical heat these identities are cooked under. Whether it’s the slight bashing of religion or the tadka of politics, our food reflects the space our identities are created and exist in.”

Presenting our latest issue, “In Jest”!

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To complement the recently-concluded English Department Conference, “Laughing Matters”, we present to you our special issue, “In Jest”! Access the many reflections of our writers on humour through the Current Issue tab, as we finally put our annual conference behind us with one last hurrah.

Have A Cup of T!


“There is poetry in discussing exactly where stories go when the final word of the book is followed by the fullstop-of-finality.”

In our latest column, Tanvi tries making sense of the tremendous popularity of fanfiction, and why it fascinates us so.

Offering you your first Morsel of the year!


Devika writes, as always, deliciously, of an increasingly Orwellian world, where the very food of Animal Farm has much to say about those animals who are more equal than others.

Our January Issue, Threshold, is here!


We have, all of us, stepped over at least one threshold recently, having put our feet over that strange line that divides the human calendar and planted them in the realm of the new year. Enjoy the Threshold-themed reminiscences of our writers, which you can access via the current issue tab!

This week, Vagabonding ft. Chai transports you to Mumbai!


“It’s a world of crayoned bungalows with wooden staircases, of chrome walls and mosaic murals, and armchairs and floors polished by daylight.”

Deyasini writes in her usual lyrical prose of an unsung hamlet tucked away in the heart of Mumbai, which is the oasis the metropolis needs.

Jabberwock Online is back with its first column of the semester!


A Cup of T’s Tanvi writes insightfully about the increasingly corporate nature of memes, so very contrary to the democratic impulses they were born of: “Healthy, home-grown and organic memes are a joke, of course. But here we are, corporately-generated memes trying to get the one thing that money had not been able to buy – the word-of-mouth review.”

Under Pressure, Issue Number Three, out now!


Access our latest through the ‘Current Issue’ tab.

Vagabonding ft. Chai, ft. London!


“In seven odd days, London made me want to stay, and that was enough.”

Deyasini of Vagabonding ft. Chai writes in her usual lyrical prose about London, and the familiarity she found even in its particular peculiarities.

The monthly Morsel is here!


This month, Devika looks at what food suggests in Lewis Carroll’s Alice books.

Your fortnightly Cup of T is here!

tanviedit“Where colognes and clothes employ models to look like they want to sleep with you from the word go, domestic products sell you sex in a different way – as the nice, post marital, two-kids-and-a-white-picket-fence kind of sex.”

This week, Tanvi gives you her insightful observations on what advertisements seduce you with, along with their products.

Holiday: The October Issue


It’s holiday season – University mid-semesters are on, pujo pandals are lit, and Jabberwock has a fresh line-up for our readers! Head over to the Current Issue tab.

An All-New Column from A Cup of T!

tanvieditThis week, Tanvi makes an important point about the overwhelming whiteness of most fantasy fiction, starting with a beloved series. Hop on board, and do take her up on her challenge – “Go re-read The Chronicles of Narnia. I dare you.”

Of Paris, from Vagabonding ft. Chai!


“I stood at the crossroads between Bastille Stalingrad and Gare de Lyon wondering if I should photograph the woman in polka-patterned stockings with a bag of art supplies lying open at her feet; wondering if I should cross the damn road. If I should cross over at all, to the Paris I wanted to experience.”

Deyasini ushers in October with a piece on the Paris she expected, and the one she found.

 Another Morsel this month!

Devika writes about the complex implications of eating and consumption by going back to a cult classic: the Archies comics. Read on about Jughead, consumerism, body image and gendered diet.

A Cup of T Returns!

tanvieditTanvi from our fortnightly column A Cup of T is back with an insightful piece! Read on to be privy to her observations on how gender colours even the trope of inadequacy in teenage rom-coms.

photoeditedThis week, Dr. Shernaz Cama tells us what she’s currently reading, and why.

An engaging discussion about accessible science, genes, creation, and much more. Happy reading!

The September Issue is out!


Head to the Current Issue tab to see our latest offering- The best of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual art on the theme “Favourite Words”.

New columns!


When was the last time you saw a sanitary napkin ad and thought you were peeking into an alternative universe? Where periods are powered through with a smile, and the right pad will help you be sexy and successful, all in tight whites?

A Cup of T‘s  Tanvi asks questions this week of popular representations of – gasp – menstruation!


“…It’s the frenzied honks of cars and auto-rickshaws and motorbikes at Sion Junction. It’s the pearly white shrouding the tops of Haji Ali on a full moon night. It’s the gales of water that soak the city to its bare bones, purging it of all its pretence of order; and it’s the sighing calm after, when the city emerges gasping and alive…”

Vagabonding ft. Chai is now online! This month, Deyasini writes about Bombay: city, survivor, magic.

devika_edit4We introduce to you Morsel, a monthly column aimed at exploring words, food, and how the two of them really can’t do without one another.

This month, Devika discusses the many meanings of food in Harry Potter.

Keep watching this space for more. Happy reading!

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